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This guide is the common writing framework for all products within Liferay’s ecosystem. We document, recommend, and surface common writings patterns that can be found throughout our products.

Just like our design system the writing guide is a living project that will improve over time with more usage and contributions from the designers that use it.

How to use this guide

Step 1

Get familiar with the principles, style, and framework sections.

Step 2

During the design phase, reference sections related to your work.

Writing Style

Adapted from Chicago Manual of Style to modern web design standards. This section demonstrates Lexicon’s accepted usage.

  • Capitalization
  • Numbers
  • Punctuation
  • Date
  • Time

Common actions

Defines the proper usage of common actions. Ie: when to use “remove” vs “delete”

Common writing patterns

Provides best practices for writing for:

  • Actions
  • Links
  • Lists
  • Messaging
    • Bad news
    • Instructions
    • Descriptions
    • Confirmations
    • Error recovery
    • Error
  • Titles
  • Validations

Step 3

During Design Reviews

  • Identify and categorize buttons (actions/verbs)
    • Cross reference for proper usage against common actions.
    • Look for supporting text in titles and descriptions related to this action.
  • Identify and categorize longer texts
    • Cross reference against messaging rules in common writing patterns.
    • Cross check against the framework
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