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Breadcrumb is a secondary navigation pattern that identifies the page position inside a hierarchy.

breadcrumb without collapsing

breadcrumb collapsing with a dropdown button on the left side


Breadcrumb works the same way across all viewport sizes. When there isn't enough space on the screen to display all the breadcrumbs, the first levels are collapsed into a dropdown menu. This allows the user to read and navigate to the previous closer levels, and also lets them navigate to other levels easily.

breadcrumb with a dropdown menu open

  • The breadcrumb is always horizontal.
  • Long crumbs can be reduced using ellipsis.
  • All crumbs link to their respective navigation level, except the last crumb which is only used to identify the current page.
  • When the crumbs reach overflow on the screen, the elements get collapsed into a dropdown menu as shown below. The order of the elements inside the dropdown menu is reversed.

Dos and Don'ts

Only use it for hierarchical purposes.Do not use it if there is only one navigation level.
Use it when navigating through folders in tables or lists.Do not use it in the first navigation level.
Do not use it for cross application navigation.
Never use more than one text line.
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