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A series of links to previous versions of Lexicon and presentations done related to this design language.

Design Libraries

Creating your own interfaces using Lexicon is pretty easy using our Figma or Sketch libraries. Our libraries provide you with our foundations and components that you can use to build your interfaces.

Blog posts

Building charts for multiple products by Emiliano Cicero, September 2018

Designing animations for a multicultural product by Susana Vazquez, July 2018


2019 February

Building a component library is a huge effort in terms of knowing the tool and the time it takes to introduce all components. Emiliano shares how to make this job efficiently and the reasons why Figma can make this task easier saving lot of time letting you scale your component library faster.

2018 November

Liferay DXP UX achievements for 7.1, adding the short term improvements we expect to have in Liferay DXP 7.2. Moreover, the lines of work Liferay DXP is working in termns of UX for the mid/long term future and how Lexicon helps on all this trip.

See presentation

2018 January

Principles, grid, distances... are important elements to know how to craft inferfaces using Lexicon. This slide deck will help you to understand how to build your own components and how to use the most common templates.

2017 October

Lexicon Evolution was presented in DEVCON, LNAS and LRESP in October 2017. This presentation shows the news and updates, and lines of work of our design system.

Previous Lexicon Versions

Lexicon Version 1.0

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