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Inline Edit Table

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A table variation that lets users modify certain values of the entry without going to the detail page.

table inline edition, view mode


  • Use an inline edit table when you need to list information that may require quick editing. This pattern is used for cases such as commerce where editing is often required.
  • The "Edit" button is always visible since its the main feature of the inline edit table.
  • Each row has two different modes: View mode Edit mode
  • This table doesn't have a responsive version for mobile devices.

Row modes

View mode

  • It is the default status of the row in which the table data is not editable.
  • To enter edit mode, click the Edit button.
  • More actions are available under the actions button. If an element has an edit screen, name it "Advanced edit."

table inline edition row view configuration

Edit mode

  • In this mode, if an entry is editable, it is transformed into one of the following input fields when it's clicked: text field, numeric field, select, etc.
  • This mode has two different actions: Save: saves the changes and enters view mode. Cancel: discards the changes and enters view mode.

table inline edition row edit configuration


table inline edition with first row in edition mode and first field on focus


table row attributes

An editable row can contain the same elements as a standard table row. An inline editable table includes these attributes:

  1. Checkbox.
  2. Main column text.
  3. Other columns, in which different components may appear.
  4. Edit button.
  5. Actions button.

The minimum distance between two columns is 24px.

table row metrics

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