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Forms Navigation

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Form navigation can be displayed in two different ways: a left navigation menu or a wizard.

Left navigation menu

A left navigation menu lets you simplify a form into smaller, more manageable forms. It's best to divide a form by context. When using a left navigation menu, the title's name must match the menu item's name.

form with vertical navigation to the left


Forms can be used together with wizards (also called Multi step forms). Wizards let you simplify the complexity of a large form by reorganizing it into a process of smaller consecutive forms that you want the user to go through.

There are 2 types of wizards:

  • A Multi Step Form (also called a Wizard form) is used to divide the main tasks of a large form into smaller forms that contain subtasks and report the user's progression through the form. See Multi Steps Forms for more information.

Multi step form example

  • A simplified Multi Step form simply displays the user's progression through a form in a much less intrusive manner. Below is an example of a simplified Multi Step form used in a Modal. See simplified multi step form for more information.

Simplified multi step form example of use inside a modal

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