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Image Selector

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The image selector lets the user select images from a grid, prioritizing over other metadata.


  • Only use this pattern for image selection.
  • The elements placed in the grid must be an image type that can support a thumbnail.
  • Simple and multiple selection must be possible.
    • Selecting a single image closes the image selector modal.
    • Multiple selection lets the user select as many images as they need. In this case, the modal is closed with the “Done” button.
  • Hovering an image displays its title. Long titles have ellipsis in the middle, while still displaying the end of the title so the user can quickly identify it.
    • Image titles are always shown on touch interfaces.

Image status


image default state


image hover state


image hover state

Image selector example on desktop:

image selector example in desktop size

On mobile devices, since there is no hover state, images must always display their title.

image selector example in mobile size

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