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A tour through the basic patterns that make up the Classic theme that styles the Site's environment.

Building a well-structured site is key to a user properly consuming its information. Well-structured widgets help users consume and understand information faster. In this section, we cover the widget structure pattern that our Asset Display Templates (ADTs) use, as well as some smaller patterns that are used throughout ADTs, so that you can understand how to build and configure ADTs properly.

ADT example marking different points: 1. Widget Title bar, 2. Asset tittle bar, 3. Profile info, 4. Asset Toolbar, 5. Buttons

See the dedicated page for each component for more information:

  1. Widget Title Bar
  2. Asset Title Bar
  3. Profile Info
  4. Asset Toolbar
  5. Buttons

Although each ADT can be very different, with its own combination of components, they all share the same structure and overall look and feel.

More examples will be included in this section in the near future.

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