Collaboration is more than just working with others. It's about sharing skills, methods, and perspectives with colleagues. It requires effectively listening and thoughtfully receiving feedback from others. Cultivate trust and build a shared understanding to solve problems together.


  • Consistently contributing effective feedback
  • Help apply methods in order to increase the collaboration effectively in the team.


  • Propose and help execute methods.
  • Proactively provide feedback to others.
  • Consistently provide high-quality work and feedback
  • Help others grow in communication and collaboration
  • Suggest viable ideas to grow the communication and collaboration on your team.
  • Share your knowledge (host workshops or blog about new techniques or processes you’ve employed)


  • Influence people/teams/products/projects by encouraging them to communicate and collaborate better through processes at Liferay.
  • Come up with new techniques or ways to increase the communication and collaboration effectively on teams.
  • Overcome frustration with organizational or technical obstacles by pushing your ideas through to implementation


  • Share your knowledge (continuously and consistently) to the outside world (conferences, workshops, meetups, etc.).
  • Track record of successfully defining and executing improvements across organizations.


  • Participate in architecting community/industry initiatives.
  • Example: Aaron Walter
Last modified on 2020.01.17
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