A foundational piece of organizational culture is shared values — Liferay’s core values are fairly recently published1 and for them to take root and be effective, they need to be woven into everything.

As we discussed the core skills that we want to see in the Design Department, we asked ourselves how do our company values shape the way we work? How are they manifested in our evaluations and growth? How do we advance and promote these values?

While Liferay’s Core Values don’t map 1:1 with traditional Design skills, there are commonalities we wanted to articulate in order to contribute to the maturation of Liferay’s Core Values and the legitimization of our department’s core skills.

Liferay Core ValuesTransversal Skills
Produce Excellence
We give our best efforts to get excellent results that stand in the market. But the process is also important: we won't betray our values just to get the job done.
Achieving a high level of customer2 value without compromising our principles.
Lead by Serving
Leadership is a calling to serve others and stay humble. Our people lead by example, regardless of position or title.
Telling people what to do is easy — uncovering people’s talents and inspiring them to do something better than you could have imagined — is not so easy.
Value People
People are inherently valuable. Therefore, we respect people, invest in relationships, and celebrate one another.
Effectively involving the right people, synthesizing insights and expertise.
Grow & Get Better
It's not about being better than someone else, but being better than you were yesterday. We seek to learn and grow from every single experience.
Beyond "making it pretty" — good design impacts the bottom line. Difficult to measure at times, but there nonetheless.
Stay Nerdy
We enjoy the unique personalities that we have at Liferay. We encourage our people to share their interests, have fun, and be comfortable being themselves.
Successful Designers are often very passionate people. Sharing expertise, resources, thoughts, feelings, emotions is second nature.



Producing excellence starts with paying attention to details, in your personal efforts as well as the team as a whole. This track measures your ability to produce high-quality outcomes in your daily work consistently.


Collaboration is more than just working with others. It's about sharing skills, methods, and perspectives with colleagues. It requires effectively listening and thoughtfully receiving feedback from others. Cultivate trust and build a shared understanding to solve problems together.


Combining initiative with accountability — impact is seeing opportunities and taking effective action to achieve positive results that contribute to the long-term success of the organization.


The passionate education and coordination of people/principles/practices throughout an organization, using various levers and switches (social, political, economic, technological, etc.), while respecting people’s needs and organizational goals.


Leadership skills are required to guide individuals, teams, or an entire organization to reach a shared goal. As the company grows and the number of people and teams increases, it’s important that some individuals assume additional responsibilities serving people and teams effectively.


  1. Published in 2015, 11 years after we were founded
  2. The person who your design is serving.
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