Business in the context of design is the ability to understand the market, contribute to business goals to solve problems and create tools to improve the design lifecycle. Areas of influence include branding, marketing campaigns and advertising, project management, content creation and copywriting.


Someone with little or no professional experience in the track

  • Familiar with the market and company strategy.
  • Reads and shares articles on best practices, industry activity
  • Supports the design strategy for projects/campaigns


Employee with mature knowledge to build and create, starting to help others to grow.

  • Understands business goals for projects/campaigns and builds the design/creative strategy accordingly
  • Defines level of effort + time and coordinates resources
  • Able to work with stakeholders independently


Employee who can lead teams or projects, driving culture and processes at Liferay

  • Relevant industry experience
  • Coordinates design/creative efforts and process for projects across the company
  • Produces company-wide design/creative and process decisions
  • Finds solutions to big-picture challenges. Can envision design solutions, taking into account the medium, audience, influence from other campaigns, and competitors.


Employee who has proven success internally and, starting to become noticed in the industry.

  • Can envision the design/creative strategy for global campaigns in the company
  • Connects dots from existing project/campaigns to envisioned ones


Helping to shape the industry. We try to take the best designer in the market doing it. With this, we set the bar for expectations.

  • A recognized industry expert in Design Strategy
  • Demonstrated success in the market
  • Generates significant business value for the company, in terms of new verticals, new sources or revenue, etc.
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