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The board is divided up into lists. While there is a linear flow to the lists, cards do not necessarily need to go through every single step, or always go in the same order.

The following descriptions are listed in the ‘About’ card for each list.


This is where anyone on our team is welcome to submit an idea for an article or post.

All ideas are worth considering, and all should brainstorm here without fear of judgement.

Each idea is its own card, and on the back is usually a description of the potential idea. This is also where one (or three) labels gets added, to further distinguish what type of content this article is categorized as.


These ideas have now taken on new form: a contact to interview, an author eager to write on a certain subject, or just an outline that everyone agrees is worth exploring.

At this phase of a post's lifespan, the author adds themselves to the card. This way it is clear who has taken point on writing the piece, and everyone knows who to tag in the discussions.

On Hold

Sometimes ideas need time to cook — this list is where you can put a card until you can dedicate more time to it!

You can tag people and let them know the idea is up for grabs.

In Progress

Usually these cards have a working draft attached, or at the very least a detailed outline.

They also most certainly have a due date by now, as we schedule content in advance.

When deciding on a due date, it’s easy to visualize the content landscape in calendar view. By pressing “Calendar” at the top right side of our board, we are able to see a breakdown of which cards are already scheduled and on which day. We typically aim to schedule 2-3 posts per week.


Cards go here when you'd like them to be reviewed. You should already have been reviewing your article or post with one or two other designers, this step is more of a "final" review.

You can add people directly to the card, or share a link to the card in the #des-feedback channel.

For longer content, like articles or DBP posts, the review stage is also a great place to ask for graphics or illustrations from someone else!


These posts are polished, having been reviewed by multiple people, and have a scheduled post date.


For content that can be cross-promoted on other platforms (e.g. if you've got a blog post and want Tweets or Dribbble shots generated from the content) this is the place to put that!

Create a checklist and start adding some Tweets, tag someone to review and then add them to Liferay's social media pipeline and the SM manager will schedule the posts.

Ready to Publish

[different from ‘scheduled’ because we can’t always schedule posts — sometimes there is a manual process — need to better define]


Celebrate! We can use these cards to continue to promote articles and posts.

Cards here will get periodically archived when the list gets full.

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