Producing excellence starts with paying attention to details, in your personal efforts as well as the team as a whole. This track measures your ability to produce high-quality outcomes in your daily work consistently.


  • Work with established standards (coding / design foundations for the company)
  • Help others as you are able, giving and receiving feedback effectively
  • Consistently follow guidelines, increasing in autonomy
  • Participate in pair work


  • Build excellence in the company using specialized skills and following the stated standards
  • Consistently provide high-quality work and feedback
  • Help others grow in excellence
  • Provide suggestions and carry out improvements that increase the level of excellence in a product, project, or team.


  • Come up with new techniques or ways to improve the excellence of products/projects and contribute to applying them
  • Overcome organizational or technical obstacles by pushing your ideas through to implementation
  • Ability to connect with others and the community


  • Ship excellent and successful projects within the company
  • Share your knowledge (continuously and consistently) to the outside world (conferences, workshops, meetups, etc.).
  • Proven track record of defining and executing new techniques across organizations.


  • Driving successful projects / companies in the Industry
  • Examples: Ferrán Adrià, Jiro Ono
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