What is lpn

Liferay Portal Nook (lpn), a fast and flexible CLI for managing Liferay Portal's Docker images.

Install lpn

  1. Install docker
  2. Change docker preferences to have 6Gb memory
  3. Install lpn
  4. Go to last release, open the panel and download darwin - amd64 (if you are on mac)
  5. Open your terminal and go to where the file has been downloaded. By default Downloads folder.
    cd Download
  6. Move the file to bin folder
    mv lpn /usr/local/bin
  7. Go to that folder
    chmod +x /usr/local/bin
  8. By this point you should have lpn running in your computer. Now you can run images as shown in next section.

Running images

To run master

lpn run nightly -p 8081 -t 20180426

To run 7.0

lpn run release -t 7-ce-ga6-tomcat-hsql -p 8888

To run commerce

lpn run commerce -p 8081 -t 20180426

For Commerce Images

Commerce images are private, you need special access to run them.

  1. Create a Docker Hub account
  2. Create an LRIT ticket
    1. Add Marco Leo as a watcher, he'll approve your access.
    2. Add your Docker Hub username in the ticket.
Last modified on 2019.11.05
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