Media in the context of design is the understanding and use of various specialized skills and technologies to support the creative vision. Such skills include illustration, photography, videography, motion graphics, 3D rendering, and fine arts, among others.


Someone with little or no professional experience in the track

  • A supporting-level player who is honing their craft and working to understand its use in the organizational context
  • Understands how to illustrate a narrative through their craft
  • Familiar with company and campaign strategies
  • Understands and uses the established design system
  • Reads and shares articles on best practices, industry activity/trends


Employee with mature knowledge to build and create, starting to help others to grow.

  • Able to use craft(s) to contribute to projects/campaigns
  • Able to expand design systems to include different media
  • Recognizes business goals and technical constraints
  • Identifies places where specific media can be effectively used to help meet business goals
  • Able to work with stakeholders independently


Employee who can lead teams or projects, driving culture and processes at Liferay

  • A high-level performer with ability to lead projects
  • Trains others to strengthen same skill(s)
  • Contributes to multiple projects
  • Expertise on the skill and process informs decisions on whether to contract out or keep it inhouse
  • Trains others to strengthen same skill(s)
  • Develops the process/approach for executing specific media in cross-functional teams


Employee who has proven success internally and, starting to become noticed in the industry.

  • An organized leader and performer who pushes convention and drives change
  • Leads and delivers successful work, meeting business goals
  • Initiates ideas and projects in order to enhance public engagement with the company’s communication efforts


Helping to shape the industry. We try to take the best designer in the market doing it. With this, we set the bar for expectations.

  • A recognized industry expert in your craft
  • Demonstrated success in the market, creating and leading the visual standard, creating trends
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