Business in the context of design is the ability to understand the market, contribute to business goals to solve problems and create tools to improve the design lifecycle.


  • Familiar with the market and company strategy.
  • Reading and sharing analyst and industry reports.
  • Can support the design strategy for one project/product.


  • Define metrics that correspond to business goals (e.g. reducing support tickets, accessibility coverage).
    • For example: when the business goal is to provide a marketing tool to quickly create landing pages — designers need to define metrics like speed-to-completion, etc.
  • Can build the design strategy for one project/product.


  • Relevant industry experience.
  • Can coordinate the design strategy for all products in the company.
  • Responsible for company-wide design decisions.
  • Find solutions to big picture challenges. Can envision design solutions taking into account the product environment, influence from other company products, and competitors.


  • Can envision the design strategy for all products in the company.
  • Connects dots from existing products to envisioned products.
  • Discover new markets.
  • Proto-persona: Alen Fjalic, Bobby Ghoshal.


  • You are a recognized industry expert in Design Strategy.
  • Demonstrated success in the market.
  • Generating significant business value for the company in terms of new verticals, new sources of revenue, etc.
  • Designer-founders: Tom Kelly, Clark Valberg, Des Traynor, Brian Chesky.
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