Visual design shapes the product experience through artifacts like illustrations, photography, typography, color and more to improve the usability of products.


  • Strong graphic design foundation: grid, typography, color theory
  • Have a strong visual background in print or digital media, advertising, illustration, fine arts, architecture, motion, film, etc
  • Becoming familiar with the limitations and requirements of designing in products and digital scenarios, knowledge and familiarity of designing within systems
  • Creating visual elements (motion, icons, illustration, etc) within an established system
  • Creation of libraries; Icons, Illustrations, Style guide (Visual kit).
  • Applying the visual layer for products or projects


  • Designing the complete visual layer at an individual project or product level
  • Strong understanding of interaction principles (accessibility, usability) and able to thrive within those constraints
  • Deep understanding of brand and applying in a product
  • Able to synthesize business strategy with a visual direction
  • Creating and defining new brands for products or projects


  • Coordinating visual strategy for all products
  • Leading the visual direction for products across multiple teams


  • Leading visuals at an organizational level


  • You are a recognized, industry expert in Visual Design.
  • Design Architect with successful products in the market, creating and leading the visual standard, creating trends
  • Tobias Van Schneider, Mike (Creative Mints)
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