The actions and logistics of turning concepts into finished products happen here. A combination of technical and creative skills, and a variety of design programs are utilized to ensure deliverables are produced on time and executed accordingly.


Someone with little or no professional experience in the track

  • Understands the difference between designing within print and digital specifications
  • Strong graphic design foundation: composition, visual hierarchy, typography, color theory
  • Able to create visual components within design systems(logos, icons, illustrations, motion, etc.)
  • Supports the artwork for projects
  • Collects, processes, and uploads files


Employee with mature knowledge to build and create, starting to help others to grow.

  • Is meticulous, has a keen eye for detail and technical know-how
  • Reviews final copy, layouts, and content in print and digital form
  • Is accurate, fast, patient, and a good listener, as responsibilities often complete the last step in a rushed process
  • Troubleshoots problems that may arise with a project and comes up with solutions to make sure things happen as planned
  • Collaborates with other designers and works with vendors to format artwork and execute pre-press production


Employee who can lead teams or projects, driving culture and processes at Liferay

  • Relevant industry experience
  • Has extensive knowledge of pre-press and printing standards through a variety of methods
  • Is an excellent communicator and collaborator in cross-functional teams
  • Creates art standards/guides and templates for consistency from project to project
  • Makes sure all designers working on the projects adhere to the same process and file organization


Employee who has proven success internally and, starting to become noticed in the industry.

  • Proven track record
  • Creates standards regarding all projects, so process is similar across the board
  • Has knowledge of web development languages, like Javascript and HTML, and expertise with digital interfaces
  • Provides non-designers with tools/guides to self serve


Helping to shape the industry. We try to take the best designer in the market doing it. With this, we set the bar for expectations.

  • Expertise in the tips and tools used in graphic design
  • Well-known in the industry
  • Improves and redefines the way the company requests and processes artwork
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