The Product Design team works with product management and engineering, and is concerned with the optimization of business value and user experience.



Business in the context of design is the ability to understand the market, contribute to business goals to solve problems and create tools to improve the design lifecycle.

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User research focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies.

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Interaction Design combines Usability, Information Architecture, and other disciplines to deliver easy to use products.

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Visual design shapes the product experience through artifacts like illustrations, photography, typography, color and more to improve the usability of products.

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Engineering in the context of design is the ability to understand and contribute to the various technologies and frameworks that are used in the designer’s context.

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Evaluation Table

For an interactive tool with more indicators, see Path.Liferay.Design

1Understands the market, company strategy, and how their product fits into both.Assists Designers in research efforts, data collection, reporting, etc.Understands and has experience in processes and theory of interaction design.Strong graphic foundation, uses what others build.Understands and has experience in the engineering lifecycle of a product from ideation to market launch.
2Evaluates the efficacy of their design work as it relates to the product's bottom line.Designs and executes tests and other research efforts.Track record of effective interaction design on shipped projects.Is a go-to person for creating and defining new brands or visual approaches.Understands more complex (e.g. beyond HTML/CSS) programming languages and frameworks.
3Responsible for the design strategy across products and teams.Champions research efforts by the effective execution and sharing results.Connects product solutions to the broader product vision.Leads the visual direction for products across multiple teams.Is the lead developer for sites or apps.
4Design strategy across Liferay.Responsible for research on a program level.An organizational leader in interaction design.Leads visuals for all product design at Liferay.Contributes to engineering decisions at an organizational level.
5Generating significant business value via developing new verticals, revenue streams, etcTranslates research programs into strategic direction.An Interaction Design industry expert.Accomplished visual designer that helps shape the industry.Industry leader at the intersection of design and technology.
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