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Running Demos

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If you are a product designer working in a Liferay DXP related project this guide might be helpful for you and your daily work.

This guide assumes that you have already the repo downloaded in your machine. It also assumes that you are in liferay-portal folder. If you are not, please read this guide.

Running demos to feed your portal with data

Note: this requires Gradle.

Demos are divided per application and all of them can be found inside modules/apps. This folder contains many things but the important elements for us are these:

  • adaptive-media/adaptive-media-demo
  • analytics/analytics-client-osgi-demo
  • blogs/blogs-demo
  • fragment/fragment-demo
  • journal/journal-demo
  • message-boards/message-boards-demo
  • segments/segments-demo
  • sharing/sharing-demo
  • users-admin/users-admin-demo

You don’t need to run all demos. Just run the ones you need to have data in Portal to play with. For that, go inside the desired demo.

Example from liferay-portal folder

cd modules/apps/journal/journal-demo

Once there run

gradle deploy

If you don’t have gradlew configured in your bash you will need to run something like:

/Users/victorvalle/liferay/liferay-portal/gradlew deploy

Run each demo as many times as you want to generate more data.



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