Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the visual aspects that form part of the overall brand. Creating and maintaining this visual representation effectively results in people associating it with a high level of credibility and quality.


Someone with little or no professional experience in the track

  • Understands the difference, and relationship, between brand and brand identity
  • Familiar with the market and company strategy
  • Reads and shares articles on best practices, industry activity
  • Strong graphic design foundation: composition, visual hierarchy, typography, color theory
  • Strong visual background in print or digital media, advertising, illustration, fine arts, architecture, motion, film, etc.
  • Creates visual elements within an established system
  • Familiar with the requirements and limitations of designing for print vs. digital
  • Understands how to illustrate a narrative
  • Supports the design for projects/campaigns


Employee with mature knowledge to build and create, starting to help others to grow.

  • Designs at an individual level, and is able to work with stakeholders independently
  • Deep understanding of the company’s brand and applying in a project
  • Able to synthesize business strategy with a visual direction
  • Contributes to asset libraries within established systems
  • Creating and defining new branding identities for projects


Employee who can lead teams or projects, driving culture and processes at Liferay

  • Coordinates brand identity for campaigns
  • Leads the visual and creative direction for campaigns in cross-functional teams
  • Creates and maintains style guides and resources
  • Trains others on best practices and methods


Employee who has proven success internally and, starting to become noticed in the industry.

  • Leads brand identity efforts at an organizational level
  • Communicates to the company, and advocates, the value of consistency in branding
  • Creates tools/methods to empower non-designers to do work that adheres to the company’s brand identity


Helping to shape the industry. We try to take the best designer in the market doing it. With this, we set the bar for expectations.

  • A recognized industry expert in Brand Identity
  • Demonstrated success in the market, creating and leading the visual standard, creating trends
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