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Getting Started

See Liferay's Quick Start Guide.

Design Department Guidelines

Please review the slides and notes in 'Slack for the Design Department'.

If the slides above don't render, log into your Liferay Google Account.

Primary Channels

All designers should actively participate in these channels.

  1. #d-design — 📣 global announcements — anything posted should be relevant to the whole department
  2. #des-opsoperational information_everything tool or process related__

Secondary Channels

Designers in these teams should join them, but all are welcome to join (and leave) as topics are relevant to them.

  1. #des-discussiondesign-related topics where anyone can bring for discussion
  2. #des-liferay-design — updates and discussion related to

Team Channels

  1. #d-comm-designOfficial channel for Communication Design
  2. #d-product-designOfficial channel for Product Design + Design Research
  3. #t-lexicon — updates and discussion related to Lexicon

Regional Channels

  1. #d-prod-des-emeaOfficial channel for EMEA
  2. #d-prod-des-latamOfficial channel for Latin America
  3. #d-prod-des-naOfficial channel for North America

User Groups

Tagging these groups sends a notification to everyone in that group, use wisely.

  1. @designDesign Department
  2. @communication-designCommunication Design Department
  3. @product-designProduct Design Department

Notification Settings

Our recommended settings for notifications are:

  • Notify me about..
    • Direct messages, mentions & keywords
    • Replies to threads I’m following
  • Do Not Disturb

    • Customize to the hours you’d like to be available — be sure to balance availability for people in other time zones with time for you to get rest.
  • Sound & appearance

    • Mute all sounds
    • Don’t show a badge on Slack’s icon
    • Don’t bounce Slack’s icon


  • Be liberal in your use of the Do Not Disturb functionality on your laptop and phone. #LiferayHack: option + clicking the icon in the menu bar toggles DND mode.

Other Notification Settings

  • Sometimes the best productivity boosters are the most basic — during focused time put your phone on silent, disable vibrate, and put it face-down on your desk.
  • Apple: Set up Screen Time limits that make sense for you.
  • Google: Explore the digital wellbeing settings in the places that make sense for you.
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