Engineering in the context of design is the ability to understand and contribute to the various technologies and frameworks that are used in the designer’s context.


  • Understands and has experience in the engineering lifecycle of a product from ideation to market launch.
  • Understands a basic language / framework (HTML/Bootstrap).
  • Knows design tokens.
  • Understands accessibility related things to implementation.


  • Builds html prototypes, webpages.
  • Optimizes and helps others review their code.
  • Understands more complex languages / frameworks (Python, React).
  • Uses components and APIs.
  • Develops with accessibility in mind.


  • Create components.
  • Code review (not only structure but accessibility).
  • Develops standalone sites and apps.
  • Teaches frameworks or advanced languages (angular/html/etc) to others.


  • Proven track record.
  • Create APIs.
  • Platform & technologies.
  • Create design systems.


  • You are a recognized, industry expert in Engineering.
  • Ideate Successful APIs.
  • Have successful, robust design systems used in the market.
  • Industry leader at the intersection of Design and Technology.
  • Colm Tuite, Brent Jackson, Jon Gold.
Last modified on 2020.01.17
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