The passionate education and coordination of people/principles/practices throughout an organization, using various levers and switches (social, political, economic, technological, etc.), while respecting people’s needs and organizational goals.


  • Influences individuals positively
  • Act as Liferay Advocate
  • Increase the interest of possible candidates to join Liferay
  • Support activity or events where promote design or Liferay specifically
  • Occasional publication of blog entries, answers questions, etc


  • Attends community, customer and/or industry events.
  • Take an active part on 3rd party events, obtaining feedback actively and helping Liferay staff in promotion and recruiting tasks
  • Help others grow in Advocacy
  • Regular publication of blog entries, answers in forums, articles in social networks and other media
  • Help building and organizing local events
  • Speak in events


  • Coming up with new strategies or ways to lead Design Advocacy in teams.
  • Able to overcome frustration with organizational or limitations to drive their ideas to implementation
  • Regularly speaks at internal events
  • Organize communities


  • Shares knowledge with the outside world at conferences, workshops, meetups and the like.
  • Proven track record of defining and executing new techniques across organizations.
  • Attracts and recruits excellent candidates.


  • I.e. John Maeda, Daniel Burka, Jesse James Garrett
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