Combining initiative with accountability — impact is seeing opportunities and taking effective action to achieve positive results that contribute to the long-term success of the organization.


  • Going above-and-beyond what is requested.
  • Suggests well-thought out ideas for improving processes, tools, etc.


  • Helps their teammates provide more of an impact in their respective roles.
  • Proactively providing and encourage new ideas
  • Help the Team/Product/Project to be prepared, to be Self-Promotional, and always think ahead.


  • Coming up with new techniques or ways to effectively increase the impact of teams.
  • Overcomes frustration with organizational limitations to drive their ideas to implementation
  • Has a track record of positively impacting teams.


  • Spreading his/her knowledge (Continuously & Consistently) to the outside world (conferences, workshops, meetups).
  • Proven track record of defining and executing new techniques across organizations.
  • Participate in Community/Industries initiatives.


  • Architecting Community/Industry initiatives: Aaron Walter
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