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Our Team

Our team is diverse. We truly believe this is a good quality for design teams, people coming from different background that can offer diverse range of points of view.

What do we expect from you?

When you apply we expect to see your CV and portfolio.

Something we really appreciate in your portfolio are stories, try to answer these questions in your projects:

  • What did I do in the project?
  • What was the improvement compared to previous solution?
  • How did I end up with this result? Why?
  • What adversity did I overcome?
  • What did I learn?

Make your portfolio remarkable, it will create a bigger impact and will be memorable.

Please keep both documents up-to-date. It helps us to speed up the process.

Our Interview Process

Our hiring process is simple

  1. Apply with your CV & portfolio
  2. Interview with the HR Recruiting team
  3. Portfolio interview with designers
  4. Live exercise (depends on position)
    • Short theoretical test with questions about visual, interaction, research and strategy.
    • Live exercise
  5. Interview with other designers on the team

What can you expect from us?

We have been in your situation several times and we know how it feels.

Pablo Stanley comic about a Design Ninja
Comic by Pablo Stanley

Hiring processes are not easy, they can have many steps, sometimes they generate uncertainty, and anxiety, but also can be fun. We know this is a rollercoaster of feelings, but please believe that we don't like to play with your emotions.

From our side, we commit to contact you back offering feedback about your application.

Remarkable profiles are easier to remember. Everyday there are new job offers in the market and many times we know designers in those companies. If we see the offer and we think you can match, we will let you or the company know about the other.


  • Be yourself
  • Be sincere
  • Send a cover letter that shows you read the whole job description
  • A memorable portfolio will have an impact
  • Explore what our company does
  • Read about our design team
  • It is ok if you don't have answers for everything. Don't be afraid about saying "I don't know."
  • Prepare your own questions for the people who will interview you
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