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Pull Requests

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See full the full Contributing guidelines for a more exhaustive process.

1. Before starting any new work

If you don't have a pull-request in review, so that you are using the freshest code, pull the latest from upstream:

git pull upstream master

If you're prompted to do a merge commit (you probably will be), hit :wq to close the merge comment, and then do a hard reset so that your local matches what is upstream:

git reset --hard upstream/master

2. Before your pull-request is merged

Continue to push your commits up to your origin — they will automatically get added to your open pull-request.

3. After your pull-request is merged

Be sure to follow step #1 — pull fresh from upstream and do a hard reset (shortcut: git pull upstream master && git reset --hard upstream/master) — this ensures that your next pull-request will only include new commits.

If you don't pull from upstream after your PR gets merged; you will get errors because the commit hashes change one they are merged into upstream.

Pushing to Production

This is only for those with admin permissions.

If you have write permissions to the repo, once you ensure the site works using Netlify's deploy previews, you can push to production.

  1. Ensure what you have locally is even with what is on upstream/master: git pull upstream master && git reset --hard upstream/master
  2. Rename your local master branch to production: git branch -m production
  3. Use the force, and push your local production branch to upstream: git push upstream production --force

That's it! In 2-4 minutes, the site will be built, deployed, and all updates will be reflected live on

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