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Design Feedback

Our primary, global method for getting designer feedback is throught the following Slack channels: #d-product-design, #d-comm-design, and #t-lexicon. Share early and often with your teammates across the globe!

Some ground rules:

  1. Ask questions first — don’t immediately jump to prescribing a solution.
  2. Be relevant — if people ask for specific feedback, ask relevant questions and give relevant feedback.
  3. Take it or leave it — general feedback is requested and given with the understanding that it could be missing context, therefore value can vary.
  4. Set expectations — we are a global team, there's a good chance half the people are asleep when you're asking for feedback feedback so align your expectations accordingly.
  5. Be timely — take time out of your day to periodically check the channel and give your fellow designer some help!

Note: Review the Critique page for more in-depth recommendations for effective feedback.

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