Communication Design

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Business in the context of design is the ability to understand the market, contribute to business goals to solve problems and create tools to improve the design lifecycle. Areas of influence include branding, marketing campaigns and advertising, project management, content creation and copywriting.


Design that exists in the physical world, taking into consideration interaction and behavior, managing foot traffic and floorspace, tangible obstacles and limitations. Areas of influence include entire events, individual booth setups, and office environments.


The actions and logistics of turning concepts into finished products happen here. A combination of technical and creative skills, and a variety of design programs are utilized to ensure deliverables are produced on time and executed accordingly.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the visual aspects that form part of the overall brand. Creating and maintaining this visual representation effectively results in people associating it with a high level of credibility and quality.


Media in the context of design is the understanding and use of various specialized skills and technologies to support the creative vision. Such skills include illustration, photography, videography, motion graphics, 3D rendering, and fine arts, among others.

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