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Jira is Liferay's primary project management tool. Many teams and departments have their own Jira projects — we've created our own guide to help Designers work in our project.

Bringing all design teams together

By tracking and managing our work in a single project, we're able to use resources and workflows more efficiently.

Our Jira project is called DESIGN - there are one or more boards for each team.

Note that many designers also work in other Jira projects outside of DESIGN — for example, all of Liferay's products have their own projects (LPS, LRAC, etc).

The DESIGN project was created due to current demands from:

  • Communication Design formerly COMMDES
  • Design Research formerly DESRES
  • Lexicon formerly LEXICON

As well as new requests from the Solutions and Operations teams.

Long story short — we moved into a single project for increased efficiency, reducing maintenance, and increasing our ability to gather data.

There are also many secondary benefits — such as an increased awareness for what kinds of work Design does (someone requesting work from Product Design can see that we also do research) and a reduced cognitive load for people requesting work from Design (people no longer need to remember which Design project to start an issue in).

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