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How do we work?

Research Design team works as a service. In our daily bases, we receive requests from different product teams. These request are prioritized depending on the product needs and roadmap. Therefore, although all resquests are covered, some of them can take longer than others to start.

What we do?

Right now our department is focused on qualitative testing, as it is the highest demand. But we expect to be working shortly in quantitative tests as well.

On top of that, we constantly feed our research repository with all information extrated from tests. This repository allows us to extract reports and idenitify commonalities as to improve the way Product Design makes its job.

Moreover, as a way to give back to the community, we write articles. They are small pieces of information for other designers to learn more about research.

Research Request Workflow

research worflow based on 5 steps

A five steps process defines our workflow. Please, read below to understand what happens in each stage.

To do

This step contains all the prioritized work that we will shortly start to work on.

In preparation

Together with the stakeholders of the application we define the investigation plan in detail. For this, we have this research plan template that describes all the data that is needed to carry out the investigation. Each methodology will attend to different aspects in this stage.

In general, at this stage the research problem is posed, the hypotheses are clarified and the goals of the test and the research questions are established. With all the data collected until this moment, we:

  • Establish the best methodology to obtain the required results
  • Define the profile of the sample (the participants) and how we are going to access them.
  • In the case of tests with users, we will define the test environment (real product, prototype) and the tasks to be carried out.

In progress

It is the moment where the method selected is applied and, therefore, the test is carried out.

We collect all the data and analyze it. We write a report with the summary of the results. This report will be delivered to the team that requested the research task.

In review

In this stage of the process, the research report is reviewed internally by the research team.


Once the process is considered finished by the research team, a meeting is held with the research stakeholders and the results obtained are shown. Finally, the report is handed to these stakeholders.

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