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User Testing

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What is an User Testing request?

Request related to testing a product feature, project or marketing asset by the Research Team.

When to create an User Testing request?

Product Managers, Product Leads (Owners) and Product designers can request it to have better:

  • Insights
  • Data Analysis
  • Interpretation of data and recommendations


User Testing workflow
User Testing workflow

Some examples

User Testing requests can happen in any phase of the product design cycle and usually is related to:

  • When a product designer needs to start with the Journey Builder design process, have some paper prototypes and would like to make sure that it corresponds to the idea that Stakeholders have.
  • When a product owner wants to implement new editing levels in the page editor and would need to analyze their usability with interactive prototypes.
  • When a product manager would like to know what is the success rate that users have by locating what they are looking for in System Setting before considering the possible redesign of the Information Architecture.

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