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We use GitHub's Projects feature to manage all things related with the Handbook.

If you haven't already, please see our GitHub guide.

Create an Issue

  1. Create a Handbook issue
  2. Share the issue and recruit help
  3. Follow along and contribute as necessary until it's done

The issue will move along the board as we are able to prioritize and work on it.

Recruiting help

There are a few ways to do this — the best way is to start a conversation in the issue itself, this allows for open, asynchronous collaboration.

Do this by @ tagging someone who you think would be interested or could have more information to share.

If the issue is potentially sensitive, you can start a thread on the corresponding #t-design-github post when you first created the issue.

Give your teammates an encouraging :thumbs_up:
Give your teammates an encouraging :thumbs_up:

Supporting Issues


Use GitHub's reactions feature to show your support for an issue — this is super helpful as we prioritize issues!


Thoughtful contributions to issues is appreciated, including links, code snippets, and other references are always helpful!


If you'd like to work on an issue, please be sure that you get it assigned to you this way we can prevent double work!

You can request on the issue thread in #t-design-github, or post directly in the issue.


Please follow the pull request guidelines.

Something to improve? Report an issue!