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Progress bars

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Progress bar is a progress indicator used to show the completion percentage of a task.


Progress bars can be classified in two groups:

Indeterminate: where there are no intermediate states. As long as the process is running the progress bar grows continuously from 0% to 100%. Use it for system processes.

Determinate: where there are intermediate states in the completion process. Used to show the user where is inside a process divided in steps. Use it for user processes.


Indeterminate progress bars can be configured in 4 differents sizes

Extra smallHeight 8px. Use it in small contexts.
DefaultHeight 20px. Use it by default.


Progress bar

This is an indeterminate progress bar. This progress bar can be used with or without label. If you foresee this pattern will be used in a process that can take long time to be completed, a label can be useful to the user. But there is not always the need to show the completion percentage.

indeterminate progress bar

Stripped contextual progress bar

Lexicon provides an alternative to the previous progress bar based on stripes that could help your users to identify better the action progrees.

indeterminate stripped progress bar

Multi step progress bar

A multi step progress bar, also known as wizard, is a determinate progress bar. This progress bar is used in long processes dividing the main task in subtasks that will help your users completing the process.

determiate progress bar or wizard

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