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Panels separate your content.


Panel are use to help separating content a making processes as reading or filling a form easier to the user. Panels are a way of chunking into smaller pieces.


Panels can be configured in different ways:


Use this configuration to separate content inside a form.

panel only body most simple version

Header + body

Use this configuration when you need to se parate a content that needs a title and the title needs to capture the attention of your user.

Do never use it to collapse content without a disclosure arrow. Use an accordion in that case.

panel with header



Panels can be collapsible. Whenever there is a collapsible panel the header must include a disclosure icon as an affordance to let the user understand that open and close actions can be performed. Please, see that when a panel is open the header is highlighted with a blue line below it marking the active state.

It is not a good practice to anidate accordions. Please try to avoid it.

collapsable panels

In the following example you can see the accordion working. It is also optional to close all entries when a diferent entry opens.

collapsable panels


panel attributes

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