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Pager allows navigation between pages of a process or task divided in subtasks or also called pages.


Pagers are commonly used in forms that are chucked because of their length.


Default pager

Use it when you need a simple pagination pattern that does not require to change the page size.

pager default

Aligned pager

Aligned pager pushes the links to the left and right.

pager aligned


States are important in pagers to let your users understand where the process has its limits and where it can go. Please take are of enabling and disabling them properly depending on the sequence.

pager aligned disable


Usage each size depending on the context, take into account the available space and the hierarchical importance.

SmallThe font-size is 12px and the proportions are smaller.
DefaultThe font-size is 16px and the proportions are smaller.
LargeThe font-size is 18px and the proportions are bigger.
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