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Pagination allows navigation between chunks, also denominated pages, of a dataset.


SmallThe font-size is 12px and the proportions are smaller
DefaultThe font-size is 16px
LargeThe font-size is 18px and the proportions are bigger



Use it when you need a simple pagination pattern that does not require to change the page size.

simple pagination

Pagination bar

A pagination bar is pagination with additional functionality. This added functionality comes with a page size selector placed on the left size of the bar. To the right side we incorporate a label to provide feedback on the exact chunk of information displayed from the dataset. On the right side of the pagination bar there is the classic pagination that adapts depending on the number of pages.

Use it when you need a complex pagination pattern that requires changing the page size and recalculating the number of pages. This pattern gives feedback about the chunk of dataset you are viewing.

Interactive components:

  • Entries dropdown: to select the number of elements per page. You can configure you page size options.
  • Arrows: to move to previous or next page.
  • Ellipsis: to select intermediate pages not possible to see due to the number of pages.

pagination bar with a dropdown for page size and the simple pagination component


pagination attributes

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