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Buttons communicate an action to happen on user interaction.


button primary default size defuault statePrimary: The primary button is always use for the most important actions. There can't be two primery actions together or near by.
button secondary default size defuault stateSecondary: The default button is used for secondary actions.
button link default size defuault stateLink: The link button is used for tertiary actions or opposite actions to the primary one.


Default state

set of three button types in default state

Active & Hover states

set of three button types in active state

Disable state

set of three button types in disabled state


button primary large size disable stateLarge: Used for main page actions like Save or Cancel.
button primary default size disable stateDefault: Used for actions inside a page, like dropdowns, button groups, split buttons.
button primary small size disable stateSmall: Use it on reduced spaces.


Icon button

Buttons can icons insted of text and for that icons need to be monospaced inside the button. Lexicon do not use buttons with text and icon, or text and loading indicator. Icon buttons are used intensively in management bars.

icon button

Block level button

All buttons can also be configured at block level. Use this configuration in those cases that you need the user to realize there is an important action to be done. It could be used as a load more action below a list, as an example. Please do not use it in forms. Be always careful with the type button to use, primary is not always the best choice neither the only configuration.

block level button primary state, default size

Dropdown buttons are always used together with a dropdown menu.

dropdown button default size

Split button

Split buttons are used in those cases where you need to offer the user a quick main action but salso secondary actions.

button splitted default size

Button group

Button groups are used to switch between complementary views for example, but they must never be used for complementary actions and "Change and Cancel" or "Save and Cancel". In those cases the use of single buttons is the correct solution.

button gruop or segmented button, 3 segments, default size

Action button

The action button is always a primary button with a special size of 64x64 due to its importance. This button floats on the bottom right corner of the screen. It contains all the adding or creating actions in a context. When there is only one action to perform in the page where it is used the button triggers the action. In case there are more that one actions, all the actions appear listed in a dropdown panel that is triggered on click interaction with the button. Once selected the action in the list, the dropdown is closed.

plus button or button actions


button attributtes

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