Our second annual report shares highlights about our organization, the work we've done for customers, our local communities, and the design community at large.



While we recognize that there are differences in each team’s skills, there are also similarities in what makes a “designer” of any profession, a designer. As a department, we want to steward and attract designers that add to Liferay’s culture.

The Design Department is comprised of three teams; Communication, Product, and Research. Each of those teams determines the skills required to be a designer on that team. These skills should be relevant to the market and also reflect the ways in which we’re adding value to the company.

Our Desicon

Design + Icon — get it?


Interaction Design


Brand Excellence


User Testing

New Faces & Birthrays

The team gets stronger each year as we embrace new additions, celebrate anniversaries, and gain more experience.

Grow & Get Better

Design Careers

We designed and implemented a dual-track career path, one for people management and one for individual contributors.

Giving Back

Underground Writing

This year Design for Life(ray) served Underground Writing, an organization that runs creative workshops that empowers personal transformation in migrant, incarcerated, recovery, and other at-risk communities through literacy.

Liferay designers spent some time at the end of the year to give Underground Writing a top to down make-over. This included a brand new website, completely revamped tech stack, and service design optimizations.

Services Provided
  • Branding
  • Development
  • Service Design
  • Web Design
Technologies Used
  • Donorbox
  • Google Suite for Nonprofits
  • Webflow
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Design Best Practices

Over the last 9 months we have invested in sharing our research, thoughts, and work with you. We have shared over 40 posts covering topics such as accessibility, psychology, research, strategy, visual design, ethics and much more!

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Our Events

Ideas meet makers. Makers meet comrades. These events sparked inspirations, gave ideas momentum, and put makers in action.

Building the Future of the Internet

San Francisco
David spent 2 days in SF listening to design leaders from AirBnb, Dropbox, Github, and more!

The Creativity Conference

Los Angeles
M. Night Shyamalan and Billie Eilish were a couple of Ryan’s favorites at this year’s Adobe Max.

UX Training Conferences

Victor leveled up this year, NN/g courses helped him improving data analysis from UX research.

EuroIA 2019 Impact

A number of us travelled to Riga for Europe’s premier Information Architecture & User Experience conference

Figma User Group

Los Angeles
We hosted Figma’s first user group meeting in Los Angeles, it was their largest meeting ever!

San Gabriel Valley UX

Los Angeles
We hosted a couple meetings from one of LA's newest User Experience groups.
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Shots Fired

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Project Stories

Sharing is Caring

A huge part of our work is sharing what we've learned — taking time to reflect on the successes and miss-steps helps future us make better decisions.

Marleny Francisco & Rachel Yuan

Liferay Events

Marleny Francisco & Rachel Yuan
The Liferay Symposium in Spain was our biggest event ever — we learned a lot and are looking forward to making 2020's events even better!Read the full post
Abel Hancock

Landing Page Builder

Abel Hancock
Enable our marketing team to self-service and build landing pages without designer or developer involvement.Read the full post
Chris Jeong & James Lyons

Analytics Cloud

Chris Jeong & James Lyons
Released AB testing, Improved Segmentation, Site-wide Reporting, Improved Onboarding and Individuals Dashboards.Read the full post
Victor Valle


Victor Valle
Working in Liferay's Design System isn't a cakewalk, but Victor managed it very well, he wrote a few things to share with the team.Read the full post
Ryan Connolly & Andrea Censei

Liferay Commerce

Ryan Connolly & Andrea Censei
Our Commerce offering made huge strides in 2019 thanks in no small part to the tireless efforts of Ryan and Andrea.Read the full post
Design as a Service


2019 was a big year for design work in Liferay's Global Services Department. We contributed to countless RFPs and created designs for some big clients. Most of it is very hush-hush, but as the projects get developed we'll share more.


Design at Scale

From el Director

Thank you for a great year

Design at Liferay is maturing and growing at an amazing rate. From Communication, to Product, to Research — all of our departments are finding new ways to contribute to the bottom line.

We have lofty goals for 2020 and I'm very excited to see us continue to scale and serve each other, our various business units, and our local and global communities.

Thank you all.

Juan Hidalgo
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