Christopher Jeong Designing at Liferay since 2017

Product Designer

Favorite tool?

I love using Figma to collaborate and share with others. It's a really the best tool right now for creating high fidelity mock ups and keeping your libraries organized. Also, I know it's not a popular opinion, but I really love using Axure. In 2018, there is still no prototyping tool that comes close.

Best lifehack?

Learned from a TEDtalk that most of us are probably tying our shoes the wrong way. After the initial loop, try swinging the other non loop lace the other way (clockwise/underneath). This will result in a stronger knot and prevent it from having that weird tilt.

If you weren't designing, what would you be doing?

Most likely, would have went the MBA route.

Favorite place to visit?

I love to travel and all, but seriously nothing beats the smell of early morning grass on the golf course.

Favorite hotkey?

Command 3 in Figma for the component browser or command ' in Sketch to pull up Runner

Advice for ambitious designers?

Since designers are expected to answer on behalf of the user, sometimes we fall in to this dangerous trap where we feel like our opinion is that of the user. Learn to be comfortable with not having an answer, but always stay curious. Pro-tip: this means talking to people, not just Google searching.

Last book you read?

Inspired by Marty Cagan

Most effective productivity booster?

I like to do my mental "heavy lifting" in the morning. If I can, I always try to reserve meetings, research, or critical thinking activities in the AM.

What keeps you up at night?

Lately, it's wedding/marriage planning stuff. Usually it's future related.