Since 2023Euripedes MagalhãesSenior Manager, Product Design

How did you get into design?

I was working as an office boy in an advertising agency, and one friend who worked there invited me to study at a technical high school. I saw the opportunity to work in this agency and chose the advertising course. After one year, they invited me to work in the agency studio as an Art assistant, where I discovered Graphic Design as a fantastic field. Then I started my graduation in Industrial Design.

Why are you at Liferay?

Because it's an amazing opportunity to work on a world-class product with amazing designers in many countries, doing a product that impacts many companies and users worldwide.

Favorite tool?

For work, pen and paper. For fun, Serato and Ableton Live.

Best lifehack?

Legging pants for hiking, yoga, and kickboxing. Protects and is comfortable.

Where do you find #inspiration?

Having fun with friends and family and participating in online and offline design events.

One thing you are getting better at?

Producing drum & bass. I plan to release a song this year.

One misconception about Design you try to clear up?

Design is only about aesthetics.

If you weren't designing, what would you be doing?

Traveling to hiking, visiting the beach, having fun with friends and family, practicing kickboxing and djing.

What does your desktop/home screen look like?

On my computer, clean. On my cellphone, changing background photos all the time.

Favorite place to visit?

Chapada dos Veadeiros. Fantastic landscapes, waterfalls, and different energy.

Favorite superhero?

My mom.

Favorite hotkey?

Command+T. There is always space for a new tab on Chrome.

Advice for ambitious designers?

Do not jump steps and pay attention to the basics and be part of the community.

Last book you read?

The Danger of a Single Story. The book talks about how we have a distorted looking only by our point of view without knowing other person histories.

Most effective productivity booster?

Stand-up desk, headphones, and electronic music.

Best interview question?

How do you like to work with your team?

What keeps you up at night?

A good Drum & Bass or Dub party.

Favorite quote?

In a sky full of people, Only some want to fly. Isn't that crazy?


Where else can we find you?


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