Since 2022Bruno LacerdaCommunication Designer

Can you share a fun fact about you?

​ Sometimes I pick my smartphone and my bluetooth speaker, I open some karaoke video on YouTube and I start to sing along, all by myself, just for fun. :D ​ ​

How did you get into design?

​ I wanted to work with something related to art and visual communication. I didn't know much about design, so that was my criteria to choose the course. During the first weeks, I started to discover how big it was. Understanding that design is about solution development for people's problems was a happy surprise. ​ ​

Favorite tool?

​ Trello (or anything that helps me to organize my kanban mural). ​ ​

Best lifehack?

​ Psychotherapy. Mental health is a blessing! ​ ​

Where do you find #inspiration?

​ I usually get inspired by things I consume. It can come from a video game menu, a movie art direction, a rock band album cover or some social media publication, for instance. Besides that, when I'm actively looking for specific references, I go to platforms like Pinterest, Behance, Designspiration and so on. ​ ​

One thing you are getting better at?

​ My English proficiency. ​ ​

One misconception about design you try to clear up?

​ Design isn't just graphic design. And graphic design isn't just beautiful screens. ​ ​

If you weren't designing, what would you be doing?

​ I would be probably a musician. ​ ​

What does your desktop/home screen look like?

​ I try to keep it minimally organized, but you will always find some random files lying around. ​ ​

Favorite place to visit?

​ Toronto. ​ ​

Favorite hotkey?

​ Comnd-Z. ​ ​

Last book you read?

​ Blue Pills - a positive love story (A graphic novel by Frederik Peeters). ​ ​

Advice for ambitious designers?

​ Stay open for inspiration, stay open for feedbacks, ask for help and learn from your mistakes. ​ ​

Most effective productivity booster?

​ When I'm working, the pomodoro method. When doing things at home, keeping the smartphone away is a good choice. ​ ​

What keeps you up at night?

​ Video games (or my dog barking).

Where else can we find you?


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