Markus Hammer Designing at Liferay since 2016

Senior Communication Designer

How did you get into design?

One day somehow I found photoshop on my pc and out of curiosity i’ve started creating some sweet graphics. ;)

Why are you at Liferay?

Because it’s a company where I can grow and develop and have the possibility to try new things :) And it’s a fun place to work.

Favorite tool?

Definitely Photoshop! It’s a love/hate relationship since version 4.0 :rofl:

Best lifehack?

Commuteing by public transport. Not by car.

Where do you find #inspiration?

Pinterest, Instagram and being in nature

If you weren't designing, what would you be doing?

I would probably have a small garage where i build custom camper vans.

What does your desktop/home screen look like?

Middle Grey (#777777)

Favorite place to visit?


Last book you read?

Life is _! by Juda Smith

Most effective productivity booster?

Good Coffee