Research Methods

Affinity Mapping

Synthesize interview/test findings. Conduct multiple rounds.

Medium’s piece: How to Create an Affinity Map

Read more on our Affinity Mapping doc


Similar to a persona, but based on user behaviors

Read more to decide on using an archetype: Building Strategic Meaning: Personas or Archetypes?

Our Archetype doc also has more info


Compare metrics on users’ experiences over time to track progress

UX Collective’s article on Benchmarking

NN Group’s piece: Benchmarking UX: Tracking Metrics

Read more on our Benchmarking doc

Best Practices

Online research on best practices for a product. Check credible and relevant sources.

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Card Sorting

Discover how users prefer IA through open and closed card sorting

NN Group’s overview of card sorting

UX Collective’s piece on the what, how and the perks

Our Card Sorting doc contains more info

Competitive Analysis

Evaluate features that direct and indirect competitors are using

An excel sheet to populate: Competitive Analysis

Find more info on our Google doc: Competitive Analysis doc

Contextual Inquiry

Observe and interview users in their natural environment while using a product

UX Collective’s piece: Tips and Tricks to Conduct Contextual Inquiry Sessions

Our Contextual Inquiry doc has more in-depth info

Data Analysis

Discover patterns in data that have been collected

Medium’s piece: How to Analyze Data

Hotjar and Google Analytics

Design Review

Review designs to ensure you are meeting its requirements

Invision’s tips on how to conduct a design review

Empathy Map

Visualize the thoughts, actions, feelings, and statements of users

NN Group’s overview on empathy mapping

Review our Empathy Map doc if you need more info

Feature Prioritization

Work with the team to prioritize the types of features that will be used. Use the MoSCoW Method and/or Prioritization Matrix.

UX Collective’s article on the MoSCoW Method

NN Group’s article on Using Prioritization Matrices

Our Feature Prioritization doc has more info on these methods

Focus Groups

A recorded Q&A session with a group of users

NN Group’s Focus Groups in UX Research

IDF’s How to Conduct Focus Groups

Find more info on our Focus Groups doc

Heuristic Evaluation

Evaluate whether your product follows Jakob Nielsen’s Heuristics on usability

An excel sheet to populate: Heuristic Evaluation

NN Group’s guide: How to Conduct a Heuristic Evaluation

More info at: Heuristic Evaluation doc

Interactive Prototype

Test and observe how well designs allow users to complete tasks

Discover points of friction and opportunities for iterations and more testing

Journey Map

Illustrate your user’s path on the product

NN Group’s piece: Journey Mapping 101

More in-depth info at: Journey Map doc

Market Research

Online research from credible sources about the market

Mind Map

High-level ideas that are all connected to your product

UX Collective’s Mind Mapping piece for examples

Check out our Mind Mapping doc for more info


A fictional profile of the end user based on research findings. Create a proto-persona if research is not possible.

UX Collective’s examples of personas

Check out our doc for more info User/Proto-Persona doc

Problem Statement

A clear description of the issue your product is solving that is centered on the user

IDF’s piece: Problem Statement

UX Planet’s article on how to define a problem statement

Site Map

Illustrate information architecture

UX Collective’s article on site maps

Miro’s piece on How to Create a Sitemap

Review our Site Map doc for more info

Stakeholder Interviews

Interview stakeholders to understand their needs and wants

Read an overview at: How to Conduct Stakeholder Interviews

UX Collective’s piece: The Ultimate Guide to Stakeholder Interviews

Check out our Stakeholder Interviews doc for more info

Task Analysis

Observe how users complete tasks on your product or create a task analysis diagram

Adobe XD’s example of a task analysis

Refer to our Task Analysis doc for more info

Usability Test

Evaluate the user’s experience by having them test the product

NN Group’s articles: Task Scenarios for Usability Testing and Remote Usability Tests: Moderated and Unmoderated

Google doc with more info: Usability Test doc

User Interviews

Gain insight on the user’s expectations and experience

Adobe XD’s Top Interview Questions to Ask Users

Check our User Interviews doc for more info

User Stories

Define the purpose of the product through the user’s perspective

Free Code Camp’s: How and Why to Write Great User Stories

Medium’s article: Defining User Stories

Refer to our User Stories doc for more info

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