Design at Scale

Madrid, Spain

Emiliano Cicero and Danny Saltaren shared their knowledge on how to build a component library in Figma, and on processes, tools and learnings respectively.

Biggest Takeaway

Figma takes design efficiency and collaboration to a next level. The way DSL can be built in Figma against other tools, the efficiency compared with competitors, the distribution to designers in a same company, and the participation of different stakeholders simultaneously in the workflow process make this tool a key nowadays. Repetitive processes forced Mendesaltaren improve the way they are working. They dedicated a time to stract commonalities in these processes a built a sketch plugin to automate the basics. They also realized that there are other processes that are repetitive and time costly out of projects, like on boardings, and all the knowledge to share around it. As a result, they created their design handbook, now on second iteration, that serves them as a guide not only for onboarding but for daily consumption for the standards they agreed on.

Lessons Learned

First talk was a Liferay member talk. We didn’t learn that much on the talk. But we have learned a lot along the time dedicating a time to built Lexicon in Figma. This let us save time, money, and focus on the real challenges and details a product has. From Danny’s talk we learned that having standard, guides and a certain order has a huge impact in an organization. They are a small team, 8 member, so imagine us in Liferay with a teams of around 30 designers with different products and goals but with many commonalities due to our nature that has to be covered in our guild.


Construcción de una librería de componentes

Procesos, herramientas y aprendizajes

Special Thanks To…

From here our thanks to Emiliano Cicero and Danny Saltaren for dedicating their time and wisdom. Thanks also to Design @scale Madrid for organizing the event and to Figma for the stickers!


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