Product Design InternRemote in USA, based in Los Angeles, California

Who Designs at Liferay?

Design is a team sport — while our athletic accomplishments are limited, our commitment to building a strong team is not. We firmly believe in going far together — what this looks like is passion for producing excellence and a patient tenacity to make improvements over time.

To learn more about who you'd be working with, get acquainted with the team!

Who Are We Looking For?

A product design intern to add value to our design team and products. A person with a good visual and interaction design base, willing to learn and improve their skills and take them to the next level.

You will work in a multidisciplinary team alongside a design mentor who will be there every step of the way to help you grow. Besides your team, there are product teams working on different pieces of a global product roadmap. You will discuss and align your designs and interactions along with other product designers.

We care deeply about designing great experiences that solve real-world business problems, and we do it without sacrificing aesthetic standards.

What will the 12 weeks include?

  • Redesigning or improving a specific product or feature.
  • Working closely with our design team, PMs, and engineering.
  • Workshops, a dedicated mentor, and 1:1s with our global design team.
  • Social events & professional development opportunities.
  • A project that you will be able to add to your portfolio.

An ideal intern will have:

  • The ability to articulate what makes a good digital product.
  • Ability to understand & articulate product strategy at a high level.
  • Ability to demonstrate a complete design process.
  • Experience with design tools (we use Figma exclusively).
  • Proficient visual design skills in color, typography, layout, iconography.
  • Experience with desktop or mobile design (classroom experience is okay).
  • Curiosity and excitement about learning and growing as a designer.
  • Can attend in-person at our Diamond Bar office (required)

If you meet at least 50% of these listed points please apply! We don’t expect you to know everything on day one, we only ask that you be excited and willing to learn.

How Do Liferay’s Core Values Look in the Design Team?

  • Produce excellence — we strive to become masters in our craft, doing the right thing even if no one notices.
  • Lead by serving — we’re all willing to do the unglamourous work and always looking for opportunities to help others.
  • Value people — we listen first and believe that everyone can contribute because there is strength in diversity.
  • Grow and get better — we’re always learning, when we find ways to improve our designs we take them, when we make mistakes we admit, apologize, and move forward. We fail a lot, but we aren’t failures because we learn and improve.
  • Stay nerdy — we live and breathe design, but we also have passions outside of work — rock climbing, coffee, photography, writing — and pursue them to the n-th degree.

What Can We Offer You?

  • Be part of a great team and work with designers around the world.
  • Experience working in a company that has strong executive support for Design.
  • Supportive work environment that will set you on track to start your design career.
  • Opportunities to take responsibility and grow professionally. We like to Stay Nerdy!
  • Paid internship
  • A positive and collaborative work culture
  • Working at a leading open-source company

What Do I Need to Apply?

  • Tell us why you’d be a great culture-add at Liferay
  • Resume or LinkedIn Profile
  • A link to your online portfolio with projects from inside or outside the classroom.

Liferay is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Liferay is committed to the equal treatment of all candidates, customers and employees and to fostering a culture of dignity at work. Our operating procedure provides for equal opportunities in recruitment and employment with the aim to eliminate discrimination against any job applicant or employee on the basis of race, age, sexual orientation, gender or gender reassignment, religion or beliefs, marital or civil partnerships status, family or dependency status, disability, pregnancy and maternity or membership of a traveling community.

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