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Significant Markers in a Marked Year


6 Designers Leveled Up!

To recognize the efforts, achievements, and additional responsibilities these dedicated designers have taken on, we are moving them up to new positions and titles! Click on any of them to see their new titles and a few highlights from 2020.

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How did we adapt?

Remote Hiring

We’ve been busier than ever, and as a result needed to figure out the best way to find, hire, and onboard new teammates (3 so far) in our now fully remote world. We’ve hit a few bumps along the way, but are constantly refining our process.

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APAC Consulting

Outside of the Coronaverse, our product design consultation typically revolved around traveling to a customer’s workplace to facilitate UX workshops. When everything went virtual, the North American designers began working more with Liferayers in APAC, creating demand for Design in a brand new region.

Second Home

After what seemed like an eternity of remote working, the team in LA was fortunate enough to work together at an outdoor creative space in Hollywood. Good coffee plus a lush environment was the perfect mid-quarantine inspiration we needed. Masks and social distancing were par for the course while we plotted’s global takeover.

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Friday happy hours were sorely missed, so we started our own happy hours on Zoom a few weeks after our offices closed. Codenames, Spyfall, and other games were eventually brought into these virtual gatherings, and it became a really enjoyable way to unwind at the end of the week.

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Office Hours

For most of us, it was difficult to transition from spending the week in-office with our co-workers and friends to sitting alone at home. The social distancing took a toll on our job satisfaction and well-being, so we decided to create time where we could work together, virtually. Our daily office hours is a chance for the team to collaborate and/or work individually, while listening to music on Google Meet.

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Global Fika

Taking a cue from Swedish culture, we began making time to mingle with each other over a nice cup of coffee or tea. Having these global calls helped to shorten the distance, raise our teams’ spirits, and tighten connections through a sharing of laughter, personal stories, and Netflix recommendations.


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Global Services


One Platform. Endless Solutions.

Positioning Liferay as a source of solutions, not products, the tagline highlights the unlimited ways in which Liferay’s singular platform can be used to help enterprises do business better. Our team created and developed the concept using origami to convey “many out of one”.

After the lockdown, we had to roll out 100% digital campaigns — solution-specific ads for campaigns focused on e-commerce, digital workspace, and self-service portals. Who knows how OPES will evolve in 2021! Stay tuned.

The future

Designing a better tomorrow


We’re working on a usage guide to help understand how some of the components from our Library work and best-practices for using them in Figma.
We’ll also be Implementing Auto Layout 3.0 and Variants to take advantage of the power of the new features unveiled at Config Europe this year and adding a foundation for motion to improve the user experience in our products.


We’re working to formalize and define the approach for designing pre-sales demos. These designers will also be creating white-labelled solutions for targeted industry verticals like Insurance and Manufacturing.


After a year with the Research department up and running, we continue to advance and grow not only in quantity of research projects but also in quality.
We’ll continue to focus on qualitative research, conducting tests with potential users, while expanding our research methodologies to better adapt to the needs of the teams.
Additionally, we are creating a repository to make insights and recommendations accessible, making it easier for the work to be useful for more projects.
2020 Hindsight

A year of uncertainty, met with resilience.

While 2020 has been a year of challenges and adaptations, we are reminded that difficult times are often opportunities for growth. The strength of this team is not in its collective design skillset, but rather in the enduring human bonds we have cultivated and nurtured over the years.

We’ve been able to rely on one another through our personal and professional journeys — now that we find ourselves in a global pandemic, we once again lean on each other. Our department’s ability to hold each other up throughout this year has made us stronger as people, as designers, and as a team.

Juan Hidalgo Reina
VP, Design
What’s next?

If this year has shown us anything, it’s that we never really know what’s to come.

Our product portfolio is becoming more cohesive, we're designing with more and more data, and — most importantly — our designers are growing and helping each other reach their full potential. It’s been a beautiful thing to see. As Liferay grows and adapts, I know we will continue to grow with it.

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